We help our clients to recover money, merchandise and other items owed, even when the debtor has declared bankruptcy. Our experienced attorneys can pursue your goals through these, and other, methods:

  • Consumer and Commercial Collection Litigation
  • Foreclosure Litigation
  • Filings for Receivership
  • Proceedings in Aid of Execution, including wage garnishments, bank attachments, replevin actions (recovery of unlawfully held goods), creditors bills and debtors exams, fraudulent transfer lawsuits, filing and execution upon Mechanic’s liens and other interests related to construction projects
  • Relief from stay (in consumer and business bankruptcies)
  • Protection of creditors’ interests in consumer and commercial bankruptcy, receiverships or state insolvency proceedings.


Many businesses struggle with the problem of customers who fail to pay debts. At Huffman, Hunt & Klym, LLC, we understand all the rights and remedies available to secured and unsecured creditors and have the experience and expertise to assist clients in all stages of the creditor-debtor relationship. In representing our clients, we can be as aggressive or conciliatory as the situation demands. We represent businesses, state and local governments, banks, and financial institutions throughout Ohio in matters of collection and creditors’ rights, including bankruptcy.