The dream of starting a new business in America requires an attorney’s coaching to get things moving forward.  Assistance is also needed in the early stages of operation and as the entity matures and grows.  The ultimate sale of a company, its succession to new owners, or its final closure, also all require the advice and machinery of legal counsel. Having a trusted legal partner at your side can mean so much to making your business a success at every stage.

At HHK, we perform the role of outside general counsel for a multitude of businesses.  We stand at the side of business owners and managers for companies that are not of the size to have their own internal legal staff.  We invest our time and energy to get to know owners and their businesses very well.  This investment puts us in a position to better understand the unique wants, needs, and goals of our clients.  And, as a result, we can be of service more quickly, more effectively, and at lower fees when our work is required.

We know what we know, but as importantly, we also know what we don’t know.  We are always willing to reach beyond our knowledge base to bring in other highly qualified experts, such as CPA’s, investment advisors, property specialists, and even other legal counsel.  We do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients’ needs are met effectively, efficiently, and at a price that suits their budget.

We are available to help, serve advise and convey our expertise.  Our clients call us every day for a quick opinion of something that may be on their mind.  And, for many of these helpful interactions, we view them as part of our investment in the client relationship and conduct them without a bill and without the negative affect of discouraging the phone call in the first place.

The lawyers of HHK have been serving as an outside general counsel to small and medium sized businesses for many years. Their legal and business experience and knowledge allow them to handle a broad array of legal and business matters in an economical and cost-efficient manner. HHK is able to structure flexible client relationships, to create the right fit for their clients. Generally, for clients seeking general counsel services on an on-demand basis, HHK is able to charge an hourly rate that is less than the typical rate charged by many law firms. Hard estimates can also be provided for specific projects. For clients who wish to have HHK lawyers serve as a de facto general counsel, HHK is able to agree on a negotiated weekly or monthly rate. Generally, if translated into an hourly rate, the negotiated rate is significantly less than the rates charged by traditional law firms and significantly less than the cost of hiring a full-time general counsel.

HHK lawyers understand the pressures both start up and established businesses face and work diligently to remedy issues, prevent new issues from arising and otherwise assist the business in all legal matters – so the business people can focus on business matters, sales and profit. HHK lawyers pride themselves on working with their clients to get to “yes” and not being your typical “no” “never” lawyers. HHK’s cost-effective and efficient representation includes any number of issues faced by a modern-day company. A sampling of areas of assistance includes:

  • Selection of a legal entity, start-up issues and restructuring;
  • Drafting, editing, negotiation and advice related to all agreements;
  • Drafting, editing, negotiation and advice related to Leases (real property, equipment, etc.) and all real estate transfer and related real property matters;
  • Employment maters;
  • Advice on confidentiality, non-compete and trade-secret issues and drafting, editing, negotiation and advice regarding related agreements;
  • Software, IT and digital law issues;
  • Internal reviews, investigations and audits;
  • Advice and representation related to disputes and litigation;
  • Drafting, editing, negotiation and advice related to warranties and sales documents;
  • Drafting, editing and advice related to all policies, handbooks and corporate governance documents and requirements;
  • Advice and representation related to all governmental entities, oversight, inspection and regulatory mandates;
  • Advice and representation related to banking, creditor, debt and finance issues
  • Franchise related issues.

Communication helps…and we encourage it every single day with our business clients.