The process of estate planning, along with all of the documents that are required, does not need to be complex. And, getting legal help to put it all together doesn’t need to be expensive, either. We know that many people avoid the call to a lawyer because they feel it is a complex and expensive process.

At Huffman, Hunt & Klym, LLC, we specialize in helping families to take care of these things, and to put the needed basics in place. We can do them quickly, as a one-time efficient checklist of steps. And, if necessary, we can help with an ongoing review, with updates to the process over the long-term. Very frequently, we perform these services at a fixed fee…one that is surprisingly affordable. After a quick conversation, we can tell what the steps will be and what our fee will be. With vast experience, we have built fast, efficient checklists and step-by-step procedures that minimize the complexity and fees. This rigor gives you the trust and confidence that a good result can happen fast and efficiently.

Whether you are young and trying to start your family off on the right foot, or making updates to your current estate documentation after retirement, Huffman, Hunt & Klym, LLC can help to protect your wealth, develop all the documents, transfer assets, and answer all your questions. Our skills cover the full range of needs, including wills, durable powers of attorney, living wills, healthcare powers of attorney, all of the various trust strategies, and federal estate tax issues.